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Daniel FribergThe Migrant Invasion: Victory or Valhalla
Ræða á ráðstefnu Right On/Motpol, ,,Identitarian Ideas VII“, 2015

Daniel Friberg er með MBA-gráðu frá Gothenburg Business School og forstjóri sænska námugraftarfyrirtækisins Wiking Mineral. Friberg er stofnfélagi sænsku hugveitunnar Motpol sem stundar metapólitískar rannsóknir og annar af tveimur stofnendum Arktos útgáfunnar. Arktos er einkum þekkt fyrir að gefa út bækur eftir hugmyndafræðinga nýmenningar og nýhægrisins á borð við Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, Pierre Krebs, Alexander Dugin, Dominique Venner, Tomislav Sunic, Paul Gottfried og Oswald Spengler. Friberg er höfundur Högern kommer tillbaka: Handbok för den äkta oppositionen (2015), sem hann ritaði einnig á ensku, The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (2015). Hann þýddi einnig rit Michael O’Meara New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe sem Arktos gaf út undir titlinum Den nya högern árið 2015. Þá er hann ritstjóri Right On sem er vefsetur nýmenningarsinna og þáttastjórnandi hjá útvarpsstöðinni This Alt-Right Life.

Úrdráttur úr The Real Right Returns eftir Daniel Friberg

Metapolitics, simply put, is about affecting and shaping people’s thoughts, worldviews, and the very concepts which they use to make sense of and define the world around them. Only when metapolitical efforts succeed in changing this basis, and the population comes to feel that change is a self-evident necessity, will the established political power — which now finds itself disconnected from public consent — begin to stumble, before finally toppling with a boom, or it may simply peter in a rather anticlimactic fashion, to be replaced by something else.

Metapolitics can thus be seen as a war of social transformation, fought on the level of worldview, thought, and culture. The Left has long since learned to fight in this manner, and until quite recently it was virtually unopposed on the metapolitical battlefield. This is changing, however, and I hope that this text will serve to increase the growing Right’s understanding of the necessity to engage in metapolitics.

Our historical subject is Europe, and we first and foremost stand for and defend the interests of her and her peoples. This does not in any way preclude good will towards, or cooperation with, other peoples and political groups. However, every person in Sweden and Europe deserves political authorities who will stand for the Swedish and European peoples, when their safety or welfare is under threat, and who will seek to preserve and improve their welfare.

A politician who is motivated by some obscure notion that his or her primary loyalty should be to some abstract ‘humanity’ or ‘world’, rather than the actual people being governed, can never be tolerated as a ruler, or even as a legitimate democratic representative. ‘Humanity’ or ‘the world’ are concepts which refer to no concrete political, cultural, historical, or anthropological reality, and when they are invoked they inevitable serve to disguise questionable loyalties or plain political idiocy.

Mass immigration to Europe must cease. The Americanisation and the importation of stupid political ideas and an infantilising popular culture must be limited, and be replaced by a culture partly created from below by the various peoples of our continent, and partly by intellectual and cultural elites who are politically and spiritually loyal to Europe.

The Real Right Returns

The Real Right Returns

Efni: Nýmenning
Flokkur: Heimspeki, Stjórnmál

The Right is coming back. After decades of humiliation and political failures, the opposition is reorganizing, catching up with the times, and getting itself in order. It is none too soon. Europe faces numerous challenges, challenges which the entrenched, incompetent elites of politics, academia, and the mass media are unable and unwilling to confront.

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