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Guillaume FayeWhy We Will Win
Ræða á ráðstefnu National Policy Institue, ,,Become Who We Are“, 2015

Guillaume Faye fæddist árið 1949 og hlaut doktorsgráðu í stjórnmálavísindum hjá Institut d’etudes politiques de Paris. Hann var einn af helstu skipuleggjendum frönsku nýhægri hreyfingarinnar GRECE (Groupement de recherche et d’Etudes pour la menningu Europeenne) á áttunda og níunda áratugum síðustu aldar. Faye starfaði um langt skeið sem blaðamaður, sérstaklega hjá tímaritunum Figaro og Paris-Match, og sem þáttagerðamaður hjá Skyrock útvarpsstöðinni og France 2 sjónvarpsstöðinni.

Faye er höfundur fjölda bóka og ritgerða sem hafa vakið alþjóðlega athygli. Arktos útgáfan hefur gefið út helstu ritverk hans í enskri þýðingu. Þau eru Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age (2010), Why We Fight (2011), The Colonisation of Europe (2016), Convergence of Catastrophes (2012) og Sex and Deviance (2014). Innan skamms er von á sjöttu bók hans frá Arktos útgáfunni, Understanding Islam.

Úrdráttur úr Why We Fight eftir Guillaume Faye

The worst wars are the undeclared ones. They break out quietly, like an uneasy breeze, and are the harshest, most deadly.

Europe today faces the greatest danger in her history, a danger threatening the very existence of her civilisation. For she is at war and doesn’t even know it. She may sense the danger, but refuses to see it, burying her head in the sand, like the ostrich, hoping to conjure it away.

We Europeans are rapidly and massively being occupied and colonised by peoples from the South and by Islam. We are subject to America’s economic, strategic, and cultural New World Order. The two march hand in hand. We are emasculated by ideologies of decline and by those of a facile optimism, we are menaced by a regression of culture and education toward primitivism and by the faint simulation of prosperity.

Europe is the sick man of the world. It’s obvious in her demographic decline, in her physiological devirilisation, and in the reigning ideology of ethnomasochism, imposed by politically correct censors and the controlled media. We are gnawed at from within and attacked from without. We are set upon by assailants, occupiers, and collaborators, who make up the majority of the political, media, and intellectual classes, whether of the Right or the Left.

The people have yet to see it because their shopping carts are still full. And though everyone may secretly suspect that the war has begun, the majority denies it, because for the moment no one has the courage to fight it. For the moment …

Anti-racism is quintessentially a form of intellectual terrorism. Whoever disapproves of immigration or affirms the superiority of European civilisation — and identity — whoever denounces the evils of multi-racial society, whoever observes the ethnic character of the growing criminal element — is demonised and branded by media, society, and the law as a ‘racist’ … anti-racists use their fake struggle against racism to destroy the European’s identity, as they advance cosmopolitan and alien interests.

Why We Fight

Why We Fight

Efni: Nýmenning
Flokkur: Nýmenning, Stjórnmál

Identitarians and others making up the European resistance lack a doctrine that truly serves as a political and ideological synthesis of who they are - a doctrine that speaks above parties and sects, above rival sensibilities and wounded feelings, that brings the resistance together around clear ideas and objectives, uniting them in opposition to the Europeans' dramatic decline. Our people today face the gravest peril in their entire history: demographic collapse, submission to an alien colonisation and to Islam, the bastardisation of the European Union, prostration before American hegemony, the forgetting of our cultural roots, and so on.

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