Londonistan: How Britain Created a Terror State within
Efni: Fjölmenning
Flokkur: Fjölmenning, Íslam, Stjórnmál
Útgáfuár: 2012
ASIN: 1908096276
ISBN: 1908096276

When London was hit by British suicide bombers, the secret was finally out. Under the noses of the British government, parliament, intelligence services and police, Britain has become the European hub for the promotion, recruitment and financing of Islamist terror and extremism. Terrorists have used it to plot, finance, recruit and train for atrocities throughout the world, and now also at home. Such is the scale of these operations that Britain is referred to as 'Londonistan' by anti-terrorist specialists abroad.

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How could this happen? In this ground-breaking analysis, Melanie Phillips interviews key politicians, Muslims, academics and intelligence experts. She uncovers a persistent state of denial by the British establishment both on the left and right. In universities, the historical context of Islamistic texts is no longer taught.

‘Londonistan’ has become a country within the country that is growing in strength. Its radical demands are being appeased by multiculturalism rather than challenged by common sense. Melanie Phillips compellingly argues that Britain should face up to the threat to its way of life.

Britain’s establishment is pretending to be tough on terrorism, as it continues to look the other way. This refusal to act goes back three decades, when a hub for terror throughout Europe and elsewhere was allowed access to British soil – Londonistan.

In Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State within (updated with new materials including Wikileaks), Melanie Phillips interviews key politicians, moderate Muslims, academics and intelligence experts.

She uncovers a persistent state of denial by the establishment entrusted with our security, both on the left and right. Hers is an acclaimed and gripping history of the failure of the way in which Britain is handling its terrorist and social crisis.

The picture she paints of modern Britain is a forceful warning not to subscribe to the false causes of religious radicalism that have misled us so far.

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