Why Race Matters
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Flokkur: Líffræði, Vísindaheimspeki, Vitsmunavísindi
Útgáfuár: 2016
ASIN: 0983891036
ISBN: 0983891036

This is the most rigorous, comprehensive treatment of race differences ever published. Philosopher Michael Levin's classic work first appeared in 1997 but quickly went out of print. Used copies sold for as much as $500.00. New Century Foundation has now published a completely reset, corrected edition, with a foreword by Jared Taylor. Anyone with an interest in race and the courage to follow the scientific data wherever they lead will find a goldmine of information, analysis, and wisdom in this classic treatment of one of the most profoundly important—and taboo—subjects of our time.

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„Professor Michael Levin’s analytical tour de force, remarkably engrossing, often exciting, differs uniquely from other books dealing with racial differences. Levin views the various complex arguments regarding the reality and nature of race and race differences, not from any of the typical specialized viewpoints of anthropology, education, evolution, genetics, psychology, or sociology, or from any social or political ideology, but from the sweeping vantage point of the philosophy of science, his specialty as a well-recognized professor of philosophy.

Levin’s impressive technical mastery of the vast empirical subject matter is evinced in his book’s amazingly broad and detailed scope and analytical depth. But what I consider the most valuable and exciting feature of Levin’s treatment of every facet of the race issue is the consistent critical stance his incisive intellect brings to every aspect, based entirely on his keen understanding of the philosophy of science. It is definitely a „must read“ for all serious students of this subject.“

Arthur R. Jensen, U.C. Berkeley Philosopher

Michael Levin has delivered one of the most authoritative and incisive treatises ever written on the importance of race. Why Race Matters is must reading for anyone interested in race, IQ, crime, welfare, affirmative action, and multiculturalism. Levin analyzes statistics, psychological test scores, and behavioral genetics data, brilliantly illuminating the logical pitfalls in so much of what is written about race. His powerful logic digs deep and his courageous inferences vault forward. With panache and occasional humor, Levin seems to be always on target.

J. Philippe Rushton, University of Western Ontario

Why Race Matters does everything the title promises—it removes all illusions about the insignificance of race, and explains what racial differences mean for a multiracial society. It is a thorough, overwhelmingly convincing treatment of America’s most serious and least understood problem.

Jared Taylor, Editor, American Renaissance

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