Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age
Efni: Fjölmenning
Genre: Stjórnmál
Útgáfuár: 2007
ASIN: 1419659847
ISBN: 1419659847

In this book Dr. Tomislav Sunic describes the origins and dynamics of America's founding myths. Quoting and translating from many long-forgotten or suppressed sources from the fields of literature, history, anthropology and philosophy, the book represents an interdisciplinary compendium dealing with the topic of Americanism.

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The genealogy of early Calvinist Puritanism mixed with the techno-scientific religion of boundless economic progress and legally veiled in the obscure para-Biblical and Jewish-inspired sense of political self-chosenness, created a system that has little in common with its original design.

Postmodern Americanism, with its abstract theories of multiculturalism and its global desire for world improvement, turned America into a menacing and self-destructive continent that puts not only the survival of America’s European heritage at risk, but threatens the heritage of other peoples worldwide as well.

Tom Sunic

Tomislav (Tom) Sunic is a former US professor, author, translator and a former Croat diplomat. He did his undergraduate work in literature and languages in Europe. He obtained his doctoral degree in political science at the University of California. Mr. Sunic has published books and articles in French, German, English and Croatian on subjects of cultural pessimism, the psychology of communism and liberalism, and the use and abuse of modern languages in modern political discourse.

I lived in the Soviet Union under communist regime for 30 years and can easily relate to many issues that Dr. Sunic discusses in Homo Americanus. In fact, for people who came to the United States from the former communist countries, the similarity between communist ideology and practice and western liberalism is often shocking. The main difference according Dr. Sunic is hard oppression (under communism) vs. soft oppression (in the West). While in Russia and Eastern Europe communists came to power staging bloody revolutions, raise of „Cultural Marxism“ in the West was not as dramatic. — S. Ludanov

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