Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster
Efni: Fjölmenning
Flokkur: Fjölmenning, Íslam, Stjórnmál
Útgáfuár: 2012
ASIN: 1780353103
ISBN: 1780353103

In the long history of Britain as an independent nation all of the immigrant groups who ever reached our shores never amounted to more than one per cent of the population ... before 1997. Between 1997 and 2010 more than five million foreigners were allowed to come and live in Britain unhindered and they now make up more than 13 per cent of the total population, one in eight... a total still rising by more than half a million each year. Ignored by fearful politicians is the fact that more than two thirds of all migration since 2001 has come from outside the EC and that Britain, a tiny island off the coast of Europe, has seen its population increase to such an extent that it now has more Muslims living within its borders than the whole of the United States of America.

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Based on current birth-rates the Muslim population of Britain will exceed 50 per cent of the total British population by 2050. There was no vote ever taken on such a radical transformation … it was not in any political manifesto and it was never discussed in Parliament but the consequences of this invasion has changed the face of Britain forever.

As Britain prepares to receive another wave of immigration, this time from Romania and Bulgaria, the cost to the taxpayer incurred by the provision of additional school places, prison places, housing and welfare benefits remains shrouded in a fog of politically correct deceit.

What cannot be concealed is the colonization of our towns and cities by people whose culture appears to be incompatible with our traditional way of life. Britain is now at a crossroads in its history almost as grave as the one encountered in 1939. Just around the corner are years of civil unrest, industrial action, religious strife and terrorist activity.

Soon to come are restrictions placed on our liberties, our schools, our courts and drastic reductions in our living standards. This book examines the legacy that mass migration has left Britain and the prospects for its survival as a democratic nation state.

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